Comix Revolution’s buyer, Gary Colabuono, is a nationally known, award-winning retailer, collector, historian and expert on the pricing of old comic books and artwork.  Gary was the owner of Moondog’s, Chicago’s largest chain of pop culture stores from 1978-1996, and is the former CEO of the Chicago Comicon.  Since 1984 he’s been a trusted senior advisor to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, the bible of the hobby.

Gary delights in re-connecting with old customers and aiding them in the selling of their collections.  If you’re an old “Moondogger” Gary wants to hear from you!

Gary says:

“In these times I understand that selling comic books and artwork can be a complicated process.  But when you deal with me I take all the confusion and complexity out of the transaction.  I promise to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed selling decision.”

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Contact Gary at 847.707.7092
  • Please do your best to describe your collection.  With comics the easiest way to tell how old they are is to check the cover price.  Comics cost 10¢ from 1933 to 1961.  They were then 12¢ until 1968.  After that the cover price increased to 15¢, 20¢ and 25¢ (1975).  Gary is aggressively seeking books with cover prices up to 25¢ and will pay top dollar for quality material.

IMPORTANT: If you have comics with cover prices of 50¢ and up, there are only a limited number of books that are in demand and have real value.  Please understand that hundreds of millions of books were printed in the 1980’s and 1990’s and they are in ample supply.  Due to their ready availability these books are not in high demand with collectors and prices have been (and will continue to be) depressed for many years. 

If you have original artwork – describe it as best you can: title and issue number of the art, the artist, and whether it’s a cover, splash or interior page.

Of course a detailed list is the best way to go and will expedite the process.  If you have a list of your collection, email it directly to Gary at:

  • In almost every circumstance the condition of your collectibles will be the number-one factor in determining their value.  When Gary inspects your comics and collectibles he will take the time to explain the grading process.  Gary was a member of the committee that created today’s comic-book grading standards and understands all the nuances that go into grading comics from the Golden Age (1930s through 1950s), Silver Age (1960s) and Bronze Age (early 1970s).
  • If Gary is interested in your collection, he will set an appointment with you to inspect them at your home or at one of the two Comix Revolution stores.  After this FREE inspection he will tell you the market value of your collection.  He will then make you an offer based on the market value.  The bulk of the collections Gary purchases are for resale so his offer will usually be 30-70% of the market value.  Please understand that this is a very strong offer.  If you were to sell your collectibles on eBay or through an auction house you will receive, after listing fees, grading fees, shipping charges, etc., approximately 30-70% of the selling price – while waiting weeks or even months to collect your money.  When you deal with Gary you get paid immediately.